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gentle suggestion

admin July 22nd, 2009

Current Date / Time : Friday – July 17th, 2009 – 16:49:59

Dear Steve and Barbara,

I so deeply appreciate the channelings from The Group and your nurturing presence in delivering them. I look forward to every message each month, and reread it any number of times. I have also had the privilege of being present in the room on two occasions when you visited St. Louis. Wondrous. Divine. Awe-inspiring communion of spirits.

There is one thing I would like to gently suggest to you both, however. On a couple of occasions, there have been remarks in your personal messages (with one exception, mostly small ones) that have a decidedly political overtone. I am only one voice, but I don’t personally feel that the Lightworker information update is an appropriate forum for personal political comments. What Lightworker encompasses is so much more vast in its nature that expressing personal political views only serves to alienate those whose opinions might differ. And, as we all know, we are aimed at inclusion in this amazing game of life…not exclusion.

Thanks for taking the time to read this…my warmest thoughts and appreciation to both of you.

Kathy Lawton Brown
Thank you so much for expressing your opinion.  This remarks section of the site is open for everyone to express their opinions and their truth, just as both Steve, Barbara and the group express their own views and ideas. 
If Steve and Barbara were not true to themselves and their beliefs, they would be out of integrity, something I believe Lightworker encompasses on the highest of levels.
What works for one person, does not always work for another.  That is why we all have choices. 
Just like everything else in life, I believe you should take what resonates with you from every experience and leave the rest behind.
Love & Light to you~

” Hello “

admin July 22nd, 2009

Current Date / Time : Friday – July 17th, 2009 – 15:36:29

From andrew russell davis
” Hello, This me wrtiting to you and not Andrew but it is fascinating what you have written about man’s evolution and how he stifles and has always stifled his own growth through his own ignorance. I am trying, have been trying and will continue to try to prove “Life After Death” is real by the very fact I am writing this email to you albeit Andrew my voice – channel is pressiong the keys. In my work which is set to continue, I will endeavour to continue to be a “Wayshower” for people as I was in life of course but the Media … puppets of the Establishment in the U.K. anyway doing all the can to stop me … ignoring emails etc but do please look at my own personal site on the net as this is important as it is unique and enjoy it …. offering perhaps any feedback you might have in its regard. Secrets being exposed as you say happening all the time and 9 – 11 being one such example but equally the true events happening in Paris, France, August 31st 1997 being
another !”
Thank you for listening to me,
Thanks for sharing your energy & remarks.  Continue on wth your beautiful work.

Friday, July 17th – recent Beacon

admin July 22nd, 2009

Current Date / Time : Friday – July 17th, 2009 – 12:28:02

From Pamela
Thank you both for such a powerful and insightful message. I had just this morning sent out a message to my group and the synchronicity of how it resonates perfectly with what your Beacon gave us gives me much gratitude for my own inner Christ-ALL (-: For this reason I am copying my own message here to share with you. Namaste, Pamela

Hi there! What a fine morning it is here in my little corner of paradise. How about yours?

Normand, I wanted to share with you what I learned yesterday about some powerful potentials coming. Although the potential is there for substantial chaos, it is also probably the major push that is ultimately required in order to open the system up to the changes and the takeover by the Light. I am grateful to have arrived at the vibration of detachment and understanding of the BIG picture so that I can see past what might occur.

July 27th-30th (you may have already heard this) is to be an extensive government/military/law enforcement joint exercise (possibly including Canada and Mexico) to “practice” all levels of enforcement in a so-called “hypothetical” state of emergency. From what I am reading into this, the ‘hypothetical’ may be planned as real-time emergency, obviously brought on by the same forces. We saw the same process occur on Sept.11th. The compassion and oneness that came out of that ‘trigger’ literally changed the direction of humanity and therefore what may be right around the corner has that same potential, but also I see it as that one final push that will bring out all of the voices against this tyranny. If this is to occur, it will certainly make things uncomfortable for many in the U.S. where the exercise will no doubt be much more intense.

Mid-August to mid-September, I’m hearing there is the potential for all banks within the U.S. to be closed. The International community is already at their financial institutions changing their US dollars into something that has value and potential survival (or so they think). The US dollar has obviously been worth $0.00 for many many years but the illusion has remained in tact for the masses. Now, the illusion is falling and the truth of the insolvency of the entire U.S. monetary system will be visible and unavoidable to all. Obviously this affects the entire planet because of how incestuously the entire “system” had been designed. It is the ultimate domino-effect. How quickly this all happens has the potential to make the falling of the twin towers seem like slow motion. “They” never anticipated being defeated so therefore they didn’t think about the ramifications of having everything so tightly woven together. Like a fine lace doily … one broken thread when pulled
, unravels the whole thing so completely that there remains no sign of it’s former beauty and structure.

This has been a very long and tiresome battle and the tight hold ‘they’ have continued to keep on all sources of funding has kept the Lightworkers from manifesting their beacons of light. That has been my only real frustration because that part of me that spent 15 years planning and preparing for my Light Community has held on by the finger nails to that dream, thereby keeping me in the form of the ultimate “lady in waiting”. I am only now at the point of seeing just how manipulative all of that has been. What is coming shortly is something that requires efficiency and preparation in order to continue to stand for strength. ‘They’ were clever in keeping so many of us in our states of warm-fuzzy positivity, counting life one day at a time because of the promise (carrot) of financial assistance “right around the corner”. Now, we the bright shining beacons will be truly tested but this is probably the last big test that will clear away the remnants of karma that run so deepl
y through us and through our beloved Mother Gaia.

I hadn’t intended to write you an email like this Normand so I am simply allowing my words to run directly through my fingers without fear of how they may be received. I feel you are more that aware of all of this as well as having an unusual “inside view” of the situation. Perhaps that is why I am writing to you rather than simply writing it down for my own releasing and recognition and then discarding it. You are very well connected so you have the ability to help many brothers and sisters be fully prepared for what we’ve been hearing about for years but what perhaps had not been envisioned in such a potentially painful manner. I leave it to you to discern for your own self what I’ve just put into writing.

Thank you for continuing to be who you are. Have a wonderful weekend. Funny, I was going to say have a delightful weekend but suddenly for the first time, I see the word “DE-lightful” in a different light. Oh well, there you have my two cents worth for the day.

Namaste, Pamela
(cc: pagpawnt group)
Thanks for such powerful, insightful information.


admin July 22nd, 2009

Current Date / Time : Friday – July 17th, 2009 – 09:44:09
From Laurie Figary
I subscribe to a few websites re: readings for the future, etc. Yours is the only one that truly brings comfort and rings true. I feel I’ve been waiting so long to find my true service. I’m 63 and unemployed. Every morning when I wake I feel like I start my life all over again. When I read your messages I feel like I am not alone and I can keep going. There are so many seeming obstacles in my life right now that it’s easy to feel like I’m drowning. I need to connect to spirits that can take me out of this realm of fear and uncertainty. I know I have it within me to do this so I keep on.

Thank you for all your work and love.
Thank you for being a shining example of ALL possibilities.
Blessings to you~


admin July 22nd, 2009

Current Date / Time : Friday – July 17th, 2009 – 10:07:32

Thank you for bringing the good news of real change to this world. I will manifest every day that the entire world will receive abundance of anything they need, receive peace forever on this planet, and also joy and happiness NOW. The lightworkers, which I am proud to call myself one, will continue our mission of envisioning the future the way we would like to see it, full of love and cooperation. It is time for the carriers of greed, control, and ego to move on, and leave this place of joy and peace, that we call Mother Earth. I also pray to Mother Earth that she be compassionate towards the people that have made her their home for so many years. I ask that she forgive the people that did not realize what they were doing to her, and how important her integrity is. The lightworkers and all that join the family of Light will clean up this planet, and put her back to the pristine condition that she deserves. I vow to be a part of that clean up, and revitalization process. Thank
s to all of the Light for your Love and kindness to humankind, and don’t stop envisioning the future. Forget the past, and make the future what you would like it to be ! Lightworker, Mike D.
Hi Mike~
Thanks for your loving and supportive comments.  They are truly appreciated.

End of Separation

admin July 18th, 2009

Current Date / Time : Thursday – July 9th, 2009 – 11:20:23

Dear Steve and The Group,

Many weeks ago I sent you information on work that I’ve been drawn to perform. This included activating pyramids and vortices around the world. Since that time, I’ve made a decision not to journal any longer, but to simply do the work while listening to my heart. This is my journey. It may not necessarily resonate with anyone else.

The work has continued. Now, I can see the veil lifting and seeing a much larger picture of who I AM. I know my purpose and it has been to energetically connect the dots, so to speak. I feel the shift into fifth dimensional reality and yet still remaining within third at the same moment. This has been producing much different dreams at night and a deeper connection to the Whole.

Today, I saw for the first time how we are all in this Game together. Not just Earth and Humanity, but all other Games, all other Universes, all other Dimensions. And as in a sports arena when we may root for one team over another, I see that no matter what, it the the Game that will be remembered. It is not taking sides. It is remembering. It is the placement of energy. Today, I asked ALL others throughout the Universes to come and support us on our remembering this Game. I asked for Unity of ALL. No sides taken, just pure Divine Energy.

Thus, the End of Separation has begun within me. I ask that ALL may see the curtain and pull it aside. We are indeed ALL in this together!

Thank you for sharing your delightful insights.  Good luck to you in all that you do.

Latest Message

admin July 18th, 2009

Current Date / Time : Thursday – July 16th, 2009 – 08:28:19
From Heidi
Many thanks for the message.Even though I am aware of much of this message
it is very important to be reminded again.

A wonderful reminder og how we all work together.  Thanks for sharing!

Thank You!

admin July 18th, 2009

Current Date / Time : Thursday – July 16th, 2009 – 11:45:38
From idelsol
Thank you for such wise words. It always feels so good to read your newsletter. It is empowering, it just gives you the extra push to keep going in this path. Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel.  I am glad that you are inspired.


admin July 18th, 2009

Current Date / Time : Thursday – July 16th, 2009 – 12:07:02

From Jorene King
Very inspirational message, and very much in sync with my company and what we are actually putting in place at this moment. Thank you for the confirmation that perception is the driving force before and behind everythhing. It is a privilege and quite humbling to be in a place to receive information that can be effectively incorporated into our pshyce to enrich our lives and the lives of all the other beings in the Universe. Thank you Steve and Barbara for allowing yourselves to be used as the conduit for the message. Blessings to you and your family.
Thank you.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us.  I am glad you are a part of this wonderful shift in energy.


admin July 18th, 2009

Current Date / Time : Thursday – July 16th, 2009 – 13:58:27

I love this! This is what I was waiting to hear….I have been way more telapathic lately….more than usual….and when I was a child I would tell my self aloud to remember my mind power…and I would conciously work on my telepathic skils….WOOOOHOOOO!!!!
I love you
Love and light,
Sufi :)
Wow!  I can feel your excitement in every word.  So grateful to read your story.
Love & Light~

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