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Earth Angels

admin August 20th, 2007

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Subject: Earth Angels
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From Donna ***
Dear Lightworkers

I have no idea why I am compelled to write you. My journey here has been, for the most part, separate from others. Not alone or lonely, just separate. Your web site was forwarded to me by a lightworker here in the four corners area. AKA, The Mirror of Venus, Channeled through Orpheus Phylos and Virginia Essene, from the book Earth the Cosmos and You, Revelations by Archangel Michael. I was born ten miles from where I now sit writing you. From there it is only a few miles from the center in Bluff Utah, this mirrors’ energy radiates out and Las Vegas is located on the very edge of the second band. You can find the illustration on page 28
of the book. Hang on this is all relevant! I spent almost 5 years in Las Vegas. We owned a house located on ***** in Henderson, before that we lived on Alpine Hills in Green Valley. I knew nothing about any of you! I am empathic, and Las Vegas is so out of balance that I was physically dying. Still, much opened up to me during my time there. For example, I was shown that the energy running through me that would blow out street lights, light bulbs, batteries, electronics and electrical appliances, could heal the physical bodies of others. During one of my trips to the Four Corners my Aunt took me for an Iridoligy reading by a very gifted man. After blowing the batteries in his camera, tape recorder, and causing malfunctions to his computer! I grounded myself, and the reading commenced. Sitting in on this reading was an Africa Shawman visiting at this mans’ house. As incredible as the reading was, the shawman stood up in the middle of it, stood over the top of me and began talking about me. What struck me as odd is, one of the things he said, “She is like an Angel, here to help mankind” Sorry, but I went away laughing about that, because I know that humans are not and can never be Angels. They are a separate creation Of The Creator. Angels can only hold a human form briefly.

During my journey here on Earth I have traced the locations that I have lived. From my birth here, to my return, and I have resided in most of the energy Vortices in the western half of the United States. I don’t believe we experience anything without reason. No Accidents. Perhaps I was sent to your web site to help me define what the Shawman meant when he called me “like an Angel”. Maybe it will awaken a knowlege with-in me as to why the heck I’m here. Being so empathic, I don’t function well in groups. Not a joiner. Which is why I began this letter with, “I don’t even know why I am writing you”. I will definately visit again, nice to know you are out there. Las Vegas, especially the strip, is shrouded in a dark dirty brown energy. I didn’t realize most people can’t see it, till one day I asked everyone I knew did you notice the dirty brown color from one end of the strip to the other today?  Everyone said, “No, what are you talking about?”. “Look! It’s right there can’t you see it?”. “No.” Sure sign to just shut up and change the subject. “Where there is darkness, there also is light.” Things will get even more out of balance there before it gets better. Bless you all for what you do there.

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  1. Camilleon 17 Oct 2007 at 1:26 pm

    :) what a gloriously fun read that is. Thank you for sharing that Donna

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