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admin August 18th, 2008

Current Date / Time : Sunday – August 17th, 2008 – 22:17:35

From nane
dear lightworker team,
thank you a million for your loving work!!!!
tell me please: how do you manage to get a you tube video that’ s longer than the usual 10 minutes?
very interested,
Steve signed up with Youtube early on and got an account long before video posts were allowed to only be 10min long.  They “grandfathered” in his account, meaning that since he was posting before this new rule, he could still continue to post as he had done before.
Thanks for your question.


Human Angel Mission

admin August 18th, 2008

Current Date / Time : Friday – August 15th, 2008 – 07:00:57

From Daniel Le Clair
Espavo, I’m delighted to find out you want to hear about my experiences! :-)
I’m from Belgium. If you have never heard about ‘human angels’ living in Belgium I wouldn’t be surprised. On the other hand, if you DO know about such beings in Belgium, I would not only be flabbergasted but also be more than just ‘interested’ to know them.
I couldn’t come to the get-together in Amsterdam unfortunately because I simply didn’t have 1000 Euro’s. But I had a glimpse of the mission on the 7th of august while sitting in a stand-up cafĂ© and it was awesome and genius. But when this energy is there it wants to be expressed ‘right now’ – this energy does not know about practical reality – which is not possible because first an appointment has to be arranged (an ‘open mike’ it’s called in stand-up comedy), which is frustrating beyond belief. So an appointment has to be arranged but by that time the energy has long gone. Also the appointment was cancelled because, they said, there were not enough registrations.
So there is, in my case, still a divide between energy and practical reality.
I’ve always been on my own a lot, but I did have a ‘supporting network’less than a year ago. Actually, as I told Jean Adrienne already, it was the Archangel of Love (David Angelo Ram) and friends, but now they are all in jail because of a tragedy that occurred (sth that went wrong during a shamanistic healing as far as I know).
It’s great to listen to Steve and Barbara’s video’s. If I can find a cheap flight to America I’d like to come over, escpecially because I’d like to see that chiropractor with his white pony-tail that you talked to in segment (5). I think he can help me.. If you happen to have his e-mail address or phone-number and you could pass it on to me, I’d be delighted.



Thanks so much for your email.  I love hearing your perspective.  Belgium must be wonderful, and I believe there are human angels there as well as all over this marvelous planet of ours.

I will be happy to forard your email to the chiropractor (I was ordained at the metaphysician seminar with his wife) and let him know that you wish to contact him.