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Interested in participating

admin August 16th, 2007

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Subject: Interested in participating
Current Date / Time : Saturday – July 28th, 2007 – 09:43:57

From Kelly ***


I live in the Las Vegas area and I’m interested to know if you have an audience while filming the show? I have very limited time until Oct. I am currently working full-time, part-time and I attend evening classes for massage therapy. I have attended a basic class for quantum touch healing about a year ago and I have friends that are phenomenal light workers and they are very supportive of me at this time. Without them I don’t know how well I would be doing at the moment. One of my friends in MI is the one who made me aware of your work and the classes you offer. Anyway, I’m trying to be preemtive prior to my graduation in Oct. and my schedule opening up with some extra time on my hands.
I moved here one year ago from MI and I have made only a few contacts here and due to my schedule and free time, I’m not able to fully support friendships fully and fairly. I am looking forward to becoming more involved with energy work and finding a support system.
I also have experience in communication/electronics-wireless and studio. If you have any ideas that I could get more involved with support of the lightworker community, I would be open and eager to being enlightened and directed.
Sincerely, Kelly ***

Hi Kelly

The VirtualLight Broadcast is presented in Las Vegas on the last Saturday of each month with a very few exceptions.  The full schedule is here>
Form now until the end of 2008 we will be at the La Quinta hotel about a mile from the Strip on Flamingo and Paradise.  Full directions are on the page above along with our phone number.

Here is the catch: 
If you come once we welcome you.
If you come twice we welcome you.
If you come three times we put you behind a camera.

Just kidding but there is a lot to do and you should come and meet some of the incredible people that are part of this family.

Welcome Home and hope too see you soon.

Steve Rother

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  1. Ericon 22 Oct 2007 at 2:03 pm


    Hey.. very interesting…

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