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uploading the new show

admin September 4th, 2008

Current Date / Time : Tuesday – September 2nd, 2008 – 06:31:32

From jafrey
hey….could you guys please work on uploading the lightworker show to youtube and on the page alittle sooner…because i dont see why its hard to upload it the day after its been on live….i could record the live show and upload it the next day…so i dont see why you guys cant…sorry if this sounds ungrateful…i really appreciate the show….and i cant wait to see the next one..and sometimes i miss the live show then i come and check on the site and its not there…and i think maybe tomorrow maybe the next day….so please work on that or ill just have to work on my impaitience lol….thanks and great show….tell the group to stop soundin the same every week though…
Hi Jafrey

Sorry but about the best we can promise is the third day after the broadcast at this point.  Part of the reason is that I require one day off after a broadcast. And the other two days is how long it actually takes me to process the files, convert them into uploadable formats.  And also convert them into downloadable formats like mp3 and a low res wma. that we have on the site. Four computers running simultaniously takes about 6 hours to do the original cuts and create the initial high def master. Each of the six segments is a single file averaging 6-8 gigs each.  After that I have a lot of work to do in creating a new home page for each broadcast complete with stills and segment descriptions.  The final upload to YouTube is about one of the easiest things I do as I use the multiple file uploader and send them all up at once. BTW It also gets uploaded to several other hosting sites like YouTube.  The reality is that I am the only one doing this and I instist on quality.  In our defense, we have just invested in a super mac that may be able to cut some time off the processing end when I learn how to creat with Final Cut Pro.  Well see.

Thanks for the comment.  It’s good the hear that you want it ASAP, that is music to our ears.

Big hugs


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