Paths 2 Empowerment

Two 80-90 minute sessions
Online in the Evolution Center

March 13 & 14 2013-  11:00am pacific time

The Conscious Creator Series NEW!

Emotional Healing


The Keeper of Time has been giving us a lot of information on what he calls Circular Time. His definition of Circular Time is simple: What we don't or can't harmonize in the present moment moves off to become unresolved issues that we hide in our past. If these issues remain unresolved in our past they circle around to soon become our present. It is the reason why we humans repeat our mistakes in slightly different ways, over and over again.

The Keeper of Time states: "The unresolved issues of your past make up the fabric upon which you will write your future."

This seminar is directly aimed at clearing these issues, no matter how big or small. They are what are holding you back from your future as you are envisioning it now.

Both days include Steve and Barbara as well as live channels from both Elrah and the Keeper of Time.

Day 1: At the close of the first session we will offer a live version of the popular Seed Fear Exercise we are noted for, to allow you to release the burdens and fears you carry (from multidimensional lifetimes and existences.) It is a powerful exercise to begin to reconcile and harmonize your past.

Day 2: After material presentation, we will conclude with a unique Journey Activation entitled Emotional Healing. The recording of this video will be made available as a download after the event for your own personal use.

What part of your past has a grip on you?

Commit to let it go in this new intensive online experiential training.

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Steve Rother
Presented by Steve Rother of

These events are all live channels from the group.

  Presented online in the Evolution Center
Recordings will be made available for playback/download within 4 hours or less of the initial airing so you may watch on your time schedule.


March 13 & 14 Registration Information

Seminar Fee: $100 investment in self.
Certified OverLight Facilitators receive
$25 discount.
Ordained Lightworker Metaphysicians receive $50 discount.

These events are live channels from the group, individuals in the get the's a whole new game, buckle up!

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March 13 & 14 2013


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