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March 26, 27 & 28
April 2, 3 & 4
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Transition Teams
Assisting souls in the two major transition of Birth and Death.

Steve and Barbara talk about this event.

"Those who assist in the transition of souls are some of the greatest healers ever on earth, Yet, sadly, they are often not even called hearlers."

The Three Areas of Transition Teams are:

1. Those people who help another to make the transition from one side of the veil to the other. This includes both birthing and dying.

2. Those people who work with the family. In the case of dying this is the grief process to release the soul. In birthing it is to greet the soul.

3. Those people who work with the soul directly after the transition to guide it Home or before birth to communicate with the parents.

This training will have information and exercises in all three areas.

Course Content:

The OverLight 2 Transition Team Training is an intensive experience/training.  With help from the Group we will help you rely on your own inner guidance and intuition.

Topics include:

First Transition of Birth

The First and Second Stages of Life.

The planning stage before birth. What we do and why.

The 27 month transition into the Birth Process moving between infinite and finite.

Transition~ The first crossing of the Veil. What exactly happens from the spirits perspective?

Why many people get caught in a soul trajectory.

Working with the soul before entering life.

Working with the family in preparation for a new life. Learning to channel the baby.

The Birthing process of entering the Game of free choice.


Second Transition of Death

The Final Contract of giving permission to go.  Releasing the survival instinct.

How to help souls find their way Home once they transition out of the body.  How to help them release human emotional attachments that may keep them earth bound while helping those remaining behind to release the soul freeing them to return Home.

The Souls journey after leaving the body, meeting the Greeter, the Tutor and stretching out in heaven.   What exactly happens when a soul goes Home?

The Sixth and Seventh stages of Life.

How the soul acclimates all life experiences into the core personality after death and how to prepare for that now.

Working with the family in the process of Grief to receive the gift of the person who left. 

3 Many Transition Team members are here now waiting quietly knowing that they have come with a purpose to help people in time of need.  Some are already doing the work and others just have this strong pull that they want to work in this area. Some of you have never given it a thought but suddenly found yourselves assisting in the middle of a souls transition process.

The truth is that we all have special contracts to help other souls cross between the worlds.

This six event experience will help you embrace the one thing that all of us will do at least twice during our lives. Transition. be filled with love, passion and the memories of Home. 

When a transition happens, whether it be birth or death, people become more spiritual and they open an opportunity to grasp higher truths. That is when the Transition Teams are called into action.   When a transition takes place all people associated with the event experience a miracle. This is "the Gift" according to the Group. If a facilitator can help them accept that gift, then they are acting on their souls purpose.  OverLight 2 Transition Teams are designed to give facilitators and their clients a larger perspective from which to view life as empowered humans.  

The Group says that Transition Teams are some of the greatest healers ever.  The challenge with our society is that we do not generally recognize them as healers.  That will change soon and we are dedicated to being a part of that change. The Group said that in the days of Lemuria we had a custom where we would make a commitment with one person substantially older than us to help them transition when their time came.  Here we are rejuvenating some of the most valuable tools from those wise times.

This training is the most life affirming and heart warming course of all the ones we give as part of the Lightworker OverLight Series. 

By seeing the transition process clearly from the perspective of your own spirit you will understand the true gift of life on Earth!

In this training you will:

* See the transition experience and therefore understand more about Life from the perspective of spirit.

* Learn the art of gentle honesty when working with one who is transitioning.  Here you will be working with the spirit before it leaves the body.  Education about the true nature of our endless spirit is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other while we are alive.  

* Learn how to hold someone's hand and give permission to leave and see how it helps everyone.

* Learn the stages of grief and how to help people learn "Good Grief" not releasing or forgetting the departed but rather to incorporate that part of them inside yourself.

* Learn to help the spirits of the entering and departing souls who get confused.

* How to put the gifts given you by those who transitioned into practical use.

2Each day will provide interactions and exercises to put these into practical use in your life and/or in your healing modality. Intensive hands-on emotional, mental & spiritual healing techniques are given in a safe environment where each one will have opportunities to try these techniques out personally. "OverLight" Transition Team certification is given upon completion of this training.  Each applicant will receive an OverLight certificate showing completion of the Transition Team course.  Access to the OverLight section of gives you access to other facilitators and communication with other facilitator including those in your own class.  Lightworker will also list you as a certified OverLight Spiritual Psychology facilitator on our web site if you wish and refer clients through our global referral network.


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Seminar Fee: $295 for 6 sessions
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Both Elrah and the Time Keeper will actively present parts of this seminar.

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Registration (with emailed pdf certificate) Pay In Full $295 USD

PAYMENT OPTIONS Pay $100 deposit and an automated payment of $100 for 2 month  (this option rounds up to $300 USD total)

NEW!! Family discount $25 USD- to qualify for the "Family" discount, you must have certification as an OverLight Facilitator, OR have attended a minimum of six premium online webinars.

Family Discount Pay In Full $270 USD

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Registration is limited. There is a 100 non-refundable deposit required to register and no refunds will be given 30 days prior to the event.  

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