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This amazing time of Shift is adding to how you experience both your Higher Self and your Soul. As you begin to remember yourself and return to higher levels of consciousness, aspects of you and the Higher Self are going to merge very rapidly.

Today I share with you an easy, step by step process that you can use when you are worried or too much in your head. It will help you reconnect with your body, with yourself and with the power, trust, and wisdom within. When you are again connected with who you really are, solutions and intuitive insights can come to you much more easily.

This is about balancing the head and the heart in a very practical way:

Woman Rising

There is a widely proclaimed belief right now, the Divine Feminine is Rising. 

I completely agree! 

The rising of womanhood, will not be a a conquering of the masculinity, as much as a reintegration of both aspects of our consciousness, the male and the female. If the feminine energy is to take her rightful place in our lives and society, then it is to be a soft take over, as in we are to be reintroduced to our softer side and this is not only true for women but for men as well.  

The rise of the Sacred Feminine is for all of us!

Life in human form and or non-form is ever evolving, whether that is viewed as good or bad does not matter. There are some people who believe that life should always feel gloriously happy no matter what, and when it isn't they feel they did something wrong.  You each live in many levels and realms of existences, just in your human mind alone, if no other place.  Each level or realm of your mind like life, has its own set of rules and regulations which define good and bad through the perception of that level.

After a period of silence, I'm back with an article about the light work some people do when others have comitted suicide.
In this article I will give some information about suicide from a soul perspective. I will also explain how you sometimes choose to guide these people after they have committed suicide, and what you can experience in your own daily life by doing so.

The primary objective of any transition (whether it is a deliberate transition or one that steps into your life) is to accomplish your goal with as little stress and emotional, mental or physical upheaval as possible. The secondary objective is to leverage it in order to become a better, more whole, mature and masterful person.

How can you integrate new habits in your life and change your daily experience?

Find out how you are using your intuition on a daily basis and how it can assist you to build better personal relationships and business relationships

Can you and will you seek another perspective to allow for self-forgiveness?

A silver lining awaits you in this business of being a spiritual being, having a human experience.

You can heal your heart and soul with a self-forgiveness ceremony and understanding the nature of Spirit.


When we've had a wonderful experience during a meditation, session or course, we all want to hold on to that energy and experience it as long as we can. However, there always comes a time when you fall out of that beautiful energy and have to deal with other energies and emotions again. Sometimes it really feels like you have fallen back and that the growth that you experienced, somehow disappeared. This can be very frustrating.

In this article I share a few important reminders plus a step by step plan that you can use when it feels like you have taken a step back.

Get ready to let go of your self-judgment and move more gracefully with the flow of your life... enjoy!

To The Lovers

Let us see each other, feel each other, hear each other, nothing to validate nothing to prove, nothing to win and so nothing to loose.
How lovely the world would be with just a few more genuine lovers.

In 5D, you vibrate in feelings like reverence, beauty and kindness. The coat you choose to wear each day bears no resemblance to what you typically walk around waring in 3D. And much of what you experience is no longer expressed from the mind or in words (intellect/brain) but pours forth from the heart and the feelings (the senses recombine forming a sixth sense). You achieve a quiet knowingness.

Be Kind to Yourself

Greetings, It is I Mother Mary,

I have come to speak to you about being kind and compassionate to yourself. In these times of change and transformation, it is very important that you nurture yourself on all levels of your being the; mental/emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Because this is the time where you must navigate through a 3rd dimensional state that is playing out in your world, as well as, a 4th and 5th dimensional state that brings change, love and unity, stress is being created within your energy system. As you develop more self awareness, you begin to see the many changes that you must make in your life, and are often called upon to have compassion for others. But it is equally important that you have the same compassion for yourself as you do for others and that you are kind and nurturing to yourself. You are in the process of birthing a new expression of yourself that is more in alignment with your Christed nature and it takes time for this new you to fully emerge.

The ability to think positive does not come from digging in one's heels and demanding that the mind believe what you are telling it to believe.  Clinical hypnotherapy states that if the mind does not believe what it is being told-it will completely dismiss it.

What we embody becomes our reality.  This year, choose to embody virtues that align you with your most magical manifestation!

"You are the sculptor and your life is your clay, do you want to be told what to make or do you want to be wildly, sensuously creative with that clay and mold it into the shape of your dreams?"

Understanding the aspects and rules of 3D and 4D allows us to better choose where we want to live.

Many of us know or intuitively feel that we are transitioning form the third-dimensional reality, passing through the fourth and are on our way to the fifth dimension.  Dimensions are not places but instead levels of consciousness, each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking and feeling.

Luna's Light and Lightworkers

As I lie awake under the shining bright light of the full moon, many ephemeral thoughts dance through my mind. Luna’s orbital phases are traveling and weaving the tides of Mother Earth. The tides are so similar to my own, and yours as well. As she pushes and pulls the global waters affecting land and sea, she ultimately affects me.

Here's a special solstice meditation for this time of year. A time to reflect and let new ideas and intentions be born. Enjoy!

There is a great challenge in sharing something new that didn’t exist before. Grounding the new Portals of Light of the 12:12 requires physical action.

Find out how to super charge and empower your Happy New Year with your intuition that is just waiting to abundantly guide you in your personal and professional life!

The first step towards disabling this weapon is realizing that our negative thoughts cannot harm us!  We are infinite love and energy, wisdom and purity; this is reality, all else is illusion. When we exist within the hypnosis of a negative thought form, we are agreeing to the validity of that reality. As soon as we get a glimmer of the truth of who we are through anything that ignites our joy fire, we begin to melt away the layers of hypnotic thought, revealing the bright exuberant soul that burns beneath a soul that is impermeable to transgression and pain.

Letting Go for Good

   In this New Era, we have positive thinking that says your thoughts affect everything. Is it time to go
on a negativity diet with no awfulizing for a week? Add some new actions to your mental well-being.
Notice how often you use the words I AM to describe any situation in your life. Whenever you put these
two words in front of a negative or diminishing statement, you’re telling the Universe to bring more of the same.

Since manifestation is a dreamed outcome, you might say that it is made up of the star dust you've heard about in fairy tales.  Star dust consists of particles of light and dark.  Light and dark energy particles create a type of screen to project onto, the images that thought creates.

Driving the Short Bus to Ascension

If life is a journey and not a destination, you may just want to take a ride on my Short Bus. Watch your step and mind your head!

All of the Universe is alive. Is Consciousness.

Cyclical Solar Flares are at the highest rate of intensity not observed for 8000 years. The metaphysical view of these primal rhythms suggests more than mere science is involved.

Today I will choose to open, in spite of the fear, in spite of evidence of past failure in spite of the memories of pain and trauma. This choice does not invalidate the suffering of myself or that of others, it merely says that the opening of my blessed petals and the release of my sacred essence is so intrinsic to my nature as to be insuppressible. 

Message from Mother Mary:
These are times of change and creativity

Greetings, it is a I Mother Mary,

I have come to be with you at this time of great change. We are embarking on a time that will push humanity’s consciousness forward substantially. The impetus for this alteration of humanity’s consciousness comes through the many light frequencies that have been sent from the celestial realms of the Godhead to assist humanity in these most auspicious times. Those of you who pay attention to various astrological alignments can see without any doubt that these are very special times. Humanity is being asked to step up and step out of all of the anomalies and the densities that hold them back from seeing their true nature and their beautiful light.

Some may perceive these energies as being very intense and difficult, because they impact your mental emotional body. Your mental and emotional body is a very powerful part of your being; it brings your creations into form your creations your thoughts and your emotions. Make no mistake, beloveds; your emotions are a very powerful part of you. Some of you find emotions difficult, because in past experiences you have known great pain. You have been unable to step out of that level of density of feeling the pain of separation and negativity, so you reject your emotions and refuse to feel anything. This only keeps you in the denser realms of a 3rd dimensional consciousness. Because of your fear, you feel nothing, there is blankness within your emotional body and you miss the sweetness of life. You then turn to addictions to fill the void with a substance or a relationship that you think will make you complete.


It is I, Anna,

I have come forth from the celestial realms of creation to be with humanity at this time of your evolution. I bring forth the archetypal image of the matriarch. It is important for all to recognize power and the creative impact that each and every one of you has on your world. I am here to present the image of a Divine Feminine matriarch, not separate from, but in complete alignment and partnership with, the Divine Masculine. Be aware, beloveds, this is not gender related. It is an energetic template from which all who are embodied at this time must operate. There must be balance within your creations.

I have come to expand upon the very direct and powerful message of Archangel Michael that was delivered to you. It was designed to awaken the creativeness within each and every one of you, so that you might be aware of the power and potential that you hold. When you consciously make the changes that are necessary, the Earth can support the new multidimensional template as it is expressed through your body into the realm of form.  The message relayed was a powerful one. It was not restricted to a specific timeframe, although a timeframe was mentioned.  There is great potential for creating differently, and it is not hampered by linear time. It is important for each individual to hold this message in their awareness, because they can make such a difference as they create a powerful influence of a critical mass of conscious awareness on the Earth.

How often to you desire to engage in the weird, the creepy, or the horrid? At this time a year it is October 31st, or is it?

What do you do when someone says or does something that makes you sad or angry?

In this video I share with you a very empowering tool to transform these situations and grow into a brighter version of you.

So many are asking about Ascension Symptoms. With the advent of the 2013 Fall/Spring Equinox, there is now officially more Light on the planet than Dark. Your personal pathway and responsibility determines how this now effects you.

Being Productive, Prosperous, & In Harmony with Yourself & Civilization

The physical conditions in the world give the appearance of devastation which brings with it the fear for one's survival and the survival of humanity as a whole.  Of course this can't help but to cause too much of humanity to feel they have to viciously fight for what is believed will bring personal and worldly salvation.  You ask: is there no end to the destruction that is being carried over into 2014 and beyond? 

This is the time for spirit and human to merge. This is about fulfilling your Inner Purpose. You have learned to co-create with your vision and with your humanness. We are all feeling different. You may be seeing things around you that are unexplainable. Maybe you feel your thoughts and beliefs no longer make sense.

You have a knowledge that you have prepared for this .....

"How did you ever get to be who you are today?" seems to be a question I'm asked over and over again these days.  In fact, just recently a number of my clients have been encouraging me to write my memoirs if you will. "People will be so inspired," they tell me. So in an effort to encourage you, and all of mankind for that matter, to be "All that you are meant to be," I offer you this peek into my journey ...

Have you ever had the experience of driving to a destination and suddenly realizing you passed your exit? Your attention wasn’t on the present-time task of driving. You and your attention were quite involved with something else.

Jealousy is an uncomfortable energy that can show up in many arenas.  Put very simply, though, it is a distraction and contraction to Source Flow!  When we release jealousy or any kind of possessive behavior, our connection becomes clear and it is easy to see and feel the perfect flow in our life and the lives of others.

You Make a Difference

Greetings, it is I Gabriel

I have come to deliver a message to all who can hear me at this time.  These are beautiful times in which you live.  It is a time of escalation of your consciousness as well as a time of great change.  You are empowered at this time to make these changes.  Know this without any doubt, for you are great creators who have embodied in order to help Earth evolve.  It is through you that this evolvement is taking place.

Contrary to many beliefs that are still in play on your planet, and contrary to what is in your media or often talked about, things are not as dark as many perceive them to be.  There is much light that has been dispatched from the Godhead to your planet and into each individual at this time. This light serves many purposes. It awakens those whose memories are still limited in regards to themselves as divine beings of light.  You have all come to make great changes for yourselves personally as well as collectively.  This great light that has been generously given, comes from the Godhead to help open pathways of higher awareness within your psyches and to stimulate further remembrance of yourselves.  Unity consciousness is one of the first steps in your remembering process.  You are not separate from Source.

There are many components that are part of this great influx of light.  One of them is an energy of stimulation that opens pathways for creating change.  It alters your belief system substantially and allows you to see what is out of order in your reality.  It stimulates you to then make the necessary  corrections. 

Two groups of Spiritual Warriors found themselves in a very real and important dilemma. They understood their personal, spiritual missions and recognized that energy existed that could prevent them from completing their work. They asked the Creator for the tools they needed, and each warrior received the package as requested.

Each package contained three items: a sword, a shield, and body armor. The sword represented Truth and could never be broken. The shield represented Knowledge of the weaknesses of the intruding energy, and Knowledge from the ancients.  The body armor represented spiritual awareness and the Wisdom to wield the Truth (sword) and hold up the Knowledge (shield) in the face of a challenge.

Soon the intruding energy became evident and both groups of Spiritual Warriors felt they were ready. One group, in excitement and urgency, finally opened their packages and stared with disbelief. Everything was in parts! There was a manual that said, “SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.” They couldn’t prepare in time, and were quickly overrun and defeated by the intruders. They blamed the Creator, each other, and “the world.” They never learned to use their tools.

The other group had opened their packages long ago. They had put their tools together and had practiced with them. They practiced when it didn’t count and it was a good thing they did, for they found the sword to be almost too fast and sharp to handle properly. The shield had so many options, they had difficulty knowing exactly how to hold it, and the body armor was very heavy! With practice, intention and focused attention, they eventually learned how to integrate and use all their tools, and they were ready.

They soon realized that no single tool worked without all three being engaged. The body armor was the key, for it gave them the Wisdom to manage the sword (Truth) and the shield (Knowledge). When the intruders arrived, it took the intruders one look at this strong, well-prepared force and they quickly fled. No tears were shed on either side and the battle never occurred. The group of well-practiced Spiritual Warriors celebrated their easy victory!

Finding and holding your Truth, your Knowledge, and your Wisdom is now more than ever required, in order to stand strong within your circle of inner peace while you watch the changes unfold around you during the Shift.

How can you be in this shifting world, yet not be affected by it? You must first ask for the spiritual tools that will best assist you. When these tools arrive, as in the parable, you must then practice using them until they are a natural extension of who you are, as natural as using a spoon or driving your car. Practice when it doesn’t count.

The simple Energy Tools you can learn here at Mastering Alchemy will assist you to thrive and serve in today’s unfolding Shift. With these tools, you will “walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil.” You will be who you came here to be, effectively able to assist and uplift others at the right time, at the right place, in the best way possible, without sacrificing your own truth.

We are all being called to step forward and lead, to fulfill our original spiritual blueprint. The drama, noise and challenges we find ourselves in today are not economic or social or even political. These are spiritual tests. They test our private, personal commitment to do whatever it takes to be the Healer, Teacher and Leader we came here to be.

What an incredible time to be alive. These are important times, times that can be joyous and uplifting or rife with struggle and suffering. The choice is yours. Many are indeed choosing to struggle and believe they are victims. Many more of us are consciously choosing to hold our connection to the greater, wiser, older part of ourselves, no matter what occurs around us. We are choosing to create a way of life filled with Certainty, Personal Power, Respect, Amusement, Command and Graciousness.

When you choose to use your Spiritual Tools, you will be able to respond and thrive, rather than react and doubt. You will be living a way of life, full of your Self.  And as you make that choice, you will return Home.  The above parable is one of our favorites. Adapted from Kryon



When our joy becomes our prime directive we are no longer looking to others to fulfill our happiness. It does not mean that we do not need others, what it means is that we find satisfaction in being responsible for our own happiness which can actually free others to approach us, not out of a space of obligation, but out of mutual joy and respect. When we are in resonance with our joy opportunities that we might not have expected begin to present themselves, our needs are being taken care of, even our jobs can even become more fulfilling as they begin to manifest as our Joy Of Being!

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