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Rays of the Dawn: Natural Laws of the Body, Mind and Soul by Dr. Thurman Fleet

LWStaff February 22nd, 2009

Do you know the 28 Natural Laws that govern you on the physical and higher dimensions? Do you understand how to apply them to your daily life? Are you living in balance with all of reality? Have you ever asked, “Why is my life the way it is … and how can I improve it?”

If you’ve ever wondered why your life is the way it is, this book has the answers you’re looking for. The book begins by looking at the four natural laws pertaining to the body: nourishment, movement, recuperation and sanitation. Then it compares the 12 natural laws of the mind and the corresponding 12 laws of the soul and how to move from each mental law to its spiritual equivalent, such as moving from fear to faith and prejudice to forgiveness.

Rays of the Dawn is one of the best spiritual self-help books I’ve ever read and I totally recommend it. It is published by the Concept-Therapy Institute and available from them at and via Amazon.

“Quit Kissing My Ashes” by Judy Collier

LWStaff June 10th, 2008


Whenever we discover something that excites us and brings us joy, what do we want to do with this new discovery?  We want to share it, right?  What if you had made the grand discovery that death is a beginning, not an end?   What if you had learned that we are never separated from our loved ones?  And what if you knew that those on the Other Side continue to communicate with their loved ones on this side?  Wouldn’t you love to share this with everyone?  This is exactly what Judy Collier does in her book Quit Kissing My Ashes.

Judy received the phone call no parent ever wants to get.  Her 26-year-old son, Kyle, had been in an automobile accident.  When she asked how he was, she was told he was breathing.  After two days in intensive care, tests showed no oxygen was getting to his brain, Judy and her husband, Jim, made the unbearable decision to take Kyle off life-support and donate his organs.  Her life was shattered.  She had no reason to get out of bed, no reason to exist.  A life without her son was a life she didn’t want to live.

Judy did not come from a religious or spiritual background and, from her experience of two fortune readings at carnivals, she thought psychics were scam artists.  She had never heard of after-death communication and had never searched for it after Kyle’s death.  It came to her from strangers and world-renowned psychic mediums, Mary Jo McCabe, John Edward and James Van Praagh.

Through these sessions, Kyle introduced his mother to his new home, the spirit world.  And he came through loud and clear.  In Judy’s first session, Kyle thanked her for taking him off life support.  What a comfort for her to hear this.  And then he started letting his family and friends know he was still with them in hundreds of ways.  Always an animal lover, it was perfect for him to use animals.  Crows, possums, raccoons started appearing in his parents’ backyard.  You may so, “So what?”  but, you see, these animals had never before been seen in their yard in all the years they’d lived there. 

The number 42 had been Kyle’s football number and was always special to the family.  One day Kyle let his presence be known when his sister and brother-in-law had a simple lunch costing less than twenty dollars, but when the bill came, it was 42 dollars on the nose.  Pennies began appearing dated 1996 – the year Kyle passed.  Lights went on and off, the phone rang but no one was there, a radio would just come on playing a particular song that had great meaning, and many more.  All this lets us see how these simple occurrences in our lives can be the communication we are seeking. 

Every night before going to bed, Judy would kiss the urn containing Kyle’s ashes, and in a session with a medium, Kyle told his mother, “Quit kissing my ashes. I’m not in there.” This was such a sure sign for her because no one but her knew she did this.

Judy never planned on writing a book but the overwhelming evidence of life beyond death that kept coming her way brought her peace and comfort, and she knew she had to share her story so her blessing can become your blessing.  She wants others to understand that love never ends; it only grows.

This is a book that answers the question, “What happens when we die?”  This beautiful story of love and connection between two worlds is a true gift to the world and shines the light for all who read it.

You can get this book at 

“The Perfect Choice” by John W. Herbert

LWStaff April 30th, 2008



 Have you ever wondered what it may be like to be taken up into a spacecraft?  “The Perfect Choice” is just the book to take you on such an adventure. A couple win an Alaskan cruise trip and were going to turn it down until they learned it included a new digital video camera.  During the cruise, a UFO  spacecraft appears and invites Sam and his wife, Maureen, to come aboard.  The couple quickly learns from the captain of this ship that he wants to let people on earth know they have no reason to fear them and they come in peace and love. Taking full advantage of their new video camera, Sam and Maureen set out on the adventure of their life traveling to the moon, Mars and Planet X, documenting everything they experience. Upon returning to the cruise ship, learn just how people respond to their incredible story with a video to back it all up.

The gift in this book is presenting new perspectives to those on the spiritual path. It is about empowerment and how we alone are in charge of our thoughts and feelings.  There is only one mind and we all share it.

 The book also presents perspectives of how the Earth is viewed by others of the Universe, others who live and act only through love and peace and joy, showing us to judge nothing as good or bad. It is all love, and this book gives wonderful examples of how we can turn things around when done in love.

 This book is presented as science fiction and is not intended to convey accurately the events of the past, but it must be admitted, the scenario is just as likely as any other, maybe more so since it was channeled.

                    You can order this book through

“All About Love: A True Story of How Love Overcomes Fear” by Jennifer Jacobs

LWStaff April 9th, 2008


This is a book about unconditional love, about discovering the gift while experiencing a horrific illness and true insights into the moment of passing. You get to share the roller coaster ride taken by the author and her husband, Joe, when he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Being a spiritual family, upon learning there was a three percent survival rate, they saw this as just an experience they were to go through together for it would help them connect better to the people who would be coming to their future retreat.    Already having a wonderful marriage, they learn what unconditional love is all about.  They were seeing and learning and expressing the gift of cancer. How many of us have to take so long before we see the gift from an experience?  But they had such a special, beautiful connection that they were getting as it happened.  Joe’s humor and wit shine throughout this ordeal as he begins to penetrate the veil and encounter the other side, bringing back stories of what he experiences.

Travel along with this wonderful family and their loving friends as they take this journey into the land of cancer. This book is a must read for anyone going through the Sixth Stage of life personally or with a loved one.  You can order through You can also visit the author’s website at


“Death without Fear” by Tony Stubbs

LWStaff March 3rd, 2008

Ready or not, here it comes!

You are about to take the ultimate trip of your life. Have you made all your plans? Have you booked the room? You don’t want one by the elevator. Have you decided on the activities you want to do when you get there? Are you planning on meeting up with friends or family?

You may say you’re not one to travel, you’re a homebody. Whether you’re tall or short, rich or poor, young or old, this is one journey we shall all take one day. The destination of this trip? Death.

When going on any trip, you make plans in advance. You do some research on the area so you know what to expect when you get there. Why would you not do the same for your inevitable journey Home? What do you really know about it? I’m sure you must have some questions about it. Wouldn’t you like to really know what to expect and release all fearful thoughts and replace them with a peaceful knowing?

You can find your answers in this book, “Death Without Fear” by Tony Stubbs. Fear happens when you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Fear is simply our response to not knowing. Being a lightworker, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you cross over, but what about your family and friends? How many of us know someone who has lost a loved one or has just received the news they only have a few months to live or have aging parents? One of the best gifts we could give any of our loved ones or ourselves is taking away the fear of dying and teaching there is no death or separation, we simply change our vibrational frequency.

“Now wait just a minute here!” you may be saying. “You’re sounding pretty woo-woo here and I’m not into any of that stuff!”

Well, Tony is just the one who can explain all of this in a clear, concise and entertaining way. He explains at the very beginning of the book just who psychics and mediums are. Showing how many with these gifts were frightened and confused about what was happening in their lives when their gifts first came to the surface. How difficult it was for them to learn how to use this power. Explaining all the trials and errors they had to go through before being able to truly step into this gift.

Then Tony goes onto to share with the reader accounts from different soul/medium teams describing exactly what is experienced on the other side. The first of these teams is Monsignor Robert Benson and psychic medium Anthony Borgia. While alive, Msgr. Benson had been a fire-and-brimstone Catholic priest who vilified mediums and talking to the dead. Upon his passing, he learned that most of what he had preached about his whole adult life had been a lie. He was mortified to have misled mankind and wanted to set the record straight. Through medium Anthony Borgia, he channeled six books over a six-year period. Through several excerpts in Tony’s book, we learn what a magnificent job this team did in ‘setting the record straight.’

Two other writing teams are Jennifer Jacobs and her husband, Joe, and Walda Woods and her husband, Tom. Both husbands passed and learned to communicate clearly from the other side through their wives, both psychic mediums. Giving excellent examples of how we are not separated by the death of our body, these are just some of the teams that Tony draws on in his book.

A dying relative may say that their Aunt Jessie came to visit them last night. Aunt Jessie left this earth ten years ago, so how could this be? You are told by the doctors that your relative is simply hallucinating from the drugs. This is so not the case. These are the greeters coming to welcome your loved one home. We should encourage them to share what they saw and not slide it under the rug by dismissing it as ‘just their imagination.’

Two informative appendices introduce readers to 15 silver bullets for dealing with cancer in case it’s not yet your time to cross over, and to Emotional Freedom Techniques for alleviating grief for those facing death or being left behind.


 The back cover proclaims, “Ignorance about the afterlife leads to fear. This book dispels both – a ‘must-read’ for anyone in a physical body who will one day face death, whether yours or that of a loved one.” And that pretty much includes us all. You can order the book from via www. We all deserve to know the truth about the day we’ll wake up dead.


“The Elusive Gift of Tragedy” by Regina Rose Murphy

LWStaff December 26th, 2007



 In the dedication of The Elusive Gift of Tragedy, Regina says she wrote this book for all parents who search in desperation to help ease the emotional and physical pain of their children.  She adds that if she can help one mother avoid the painful experiences she went through as her son, John, grew up, writing this book has been worth it.

She does this by telling the story of John’s life, including his initial trauma in the neonatal ward, his experience with conventional medicine, which had him pumped full of anti-psychotic drugs by the age of six, his battle with depression, and close calls with death as he went through a number of exit points until the last one, when he crossed over.

Regina tells how she researched, became certified in, and improved upon a number of alternative healing modalities in an attempt to help John meet his life challenges.  She includes a session with a gifted medium that taps into the pre-birth plans or contracts they agreed to.  She fascinates the reader with how he became her spirit guide after crossing over and assumed the role of master teacher working with her during healing sessions using her cameras as a teaching tool.  He continues to show us that death is merely a change in form and not the ultimate separation from those we love.

As a mother and a practioner in the healing arts who watched her son suffer from depression and addiction, Regina’s heartfelt words will hit home with so many parents in the same place right now.  She does deliver on her promise of easing the journey for parents and their children.

I came away from reading this book greatly impressed by Regina’s ability to turn the pain of her son’s death into a blessing for us all.  She has indeed found the elusive gift of tragedy.

To read more about the book, enjoy some excerpts and purchase a copy, go to: