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Practical Spirituality for Real People.

Presented LIVE on January 29 2005

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Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
Feb 2005  Presented Live Jan 29, 2005
~ Keepers Secret ~
The Practical Magic Series

Lightworker LIVE Lightcast

Special guest include Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, a PhD in parapsychology, author of the best selling book Roots of Consciousness and director of the Intuition Network.  (Seg 1)

To commerate World Indigo Day a special interview with Sandra Sedgbeer, editor of Children of the New Earth magazine. (Seg 2 video and Seg 3 audio)

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  Lightcast Seg 1

Lightcast Seg 1

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  Lightcast Seg 2

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Seg 3 & Beacons Channel
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