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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

April 15 2007

~ Positive Drama ~
Releasing Attachment to Drama

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~ Re-minders from Home ~

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Greetings from Home

The space you have created here on this beautiful planet is growing more like home every day.  When seen from our side of the veil, your game of spirits pretending to be human is creating quite a commotion.  All eyes are upon you as you walk through your daily life.  The love and energy of Home is the wind at your back and it is with you every day.

The Rewire of Humanity

We have spoken about the rewire that all of humanity is now experiencing.  This event is much larger than you may at first imagine.  The human animal is evolving and that evolution will allow you to carry more of your spirit within the framework of your physical bubble of biology.  This day we will elaborate a bit more on this so you will be able to see where this is going.

Dear ones, if you could see what we see when we look at you and say, “Greetings from Home,” you would understand your own magnificence.  You would understand why you have come in to play the Game with the veil firmly in place, keeping you from seeing who you really are.  You look at yourselves sometimes and judge yourselves and think, “I must be stupid if I play the same patterns over and over again.”  We applaud you, for we do know who you are and we will hold that vision until you can see yourselves as we do.

God Incarnate

On a very deep level you know that you are playing a Game of not being able to re-member who you are; you understand you are playing a wonderful, beautiful game in order to see God. We tell you, that is the simplicity of it. The reality of it is that you are the whole of God.  You are an integral part of God—not simply a piece of God such as the arm, the leg, or the fingernail. Instead, each one of you carries the entire essence and all the abilities of God within you.  Every one of you carries the Light within every cell of your being.  Finding that light and shining it brightly so that it can be seen by others is what you came here to do.  That is the Game you are playing.  It is God, hiding from himself, searching for herself.  Balancing that male/female energy becomes one of the biggest pieces of the Game. Today, we will show you another viewpoint that will help you to see yourself from a different perspective. Re-member, this is not a right perspective, nor a wrong perspective, not a good perspective nor a bad perspective; opposites do not exist the way you think they do.  Opposites are merely pieces of the same part viewed from a different perspective.

The Drama of the Game

We are going to start with a single word to show you this new viewpoint. Many of you will recoil from this word when you hear it, because it has mostly a negative meaning.  The word is “drama.” Oh, you really do not want dramas in your life.  If there is a drama in your life, you say, “Do not get that drama near me. I do not want any part of it!” But the reality is that humans are playing a grand drama.  That is what you do. You are attracted to dramas.  You are inexorably drawn to dramas.  That is why you love to watch television and movies.  It is very refreshing to watch dramas played out in the lives of people to which you have no attachment. That is why you are so excited to go see a play where someone is playing a role.  Now take that actor for a moment and place yourself in his/her shoes... what is happening to the actor on the stage?  The actor is thinking, “Ahh, the audience is crying, so I am doing a good job.”  Your greatest desire as an actor is to lead the audience from tears to laughter as they follow the entire drama of the character you are representing.  Like that actor on stage, you are expressing a drama in your own life.  You are expressing an idea, a message and a story line much the same way as that actor on the stage. You are a spirit acting out the difficult drama of pretending to be a human.  Like all actors you studied your lines well and prepared for the play before the curtain went up.  You even scripted the lines of the play in the planning stage of your life before you were born. The only difference is that you are playing out this drama on the stage of free choice so you are not restricted to stay within the script that you wrote.  The entire play can be impromptu.  Yet even when you do exercise your ability to improvise, you always wonder if you are really “on your path” or “on your script”.  You are naturally drawn to return to the script you wrote for yourself. You are all actors. You are all playing an individual drama.  So let us remove some of the negative ideas around the word “drama’ and look at its positive effect. 

Drama Rules

We tell you that there are no rules to the drama of life.  Even so, there are ideas  and concepts that can help you to understand the way it really works.  In effect, this is like pulling the veil aside to show you what is behind the curtain of the stage upon which you are playing.   We now pull the curtain aside to show you some simple ideas that may help you with gaining this new perspective.  The first idea is so simple that most humans have difficulty accepting it, yet it is the single most fundamental guideline of the play of life.  “Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”  Now to truly understand and embrace that statement, one must assume a huge amount of responsibility.  The truth is that most humans are not generally ready to accept that much responsibility.  Instead, they accept the idea that there are outside influences that control the drama of life.  “I was born with this.  This is my destiny. This is what I must deal with.  This is not my fault.”  But, if life is truly a self-fulfilling prophecy—which it is—you have choice in every second of every day. Every second of every day provides you with an opportunity to change your life…not necessarily toward the good or toward the bad, but to simply change. 

Now we give you another concept that will help you on the stage of your drama:  “Every change in life leads to something better.” The play would be very boring if nothing in the scene ever changed.  In fact, the entire script depends on constant change; it is change that makes the drama interesting.  Of course, it doesn’t always appear that way when you have just lost your job, when a relationship breaks up, when you are depressed or looking inward and you cannot seem to find yourself.  Even so, we tell you one thing is constant in the long term—every change leads to something better.  When you are able to recognize that you do have choices and that every change leads to something better, you can then understand ways of directing your drama.

Flipping through the Channels

As you click your TV remote control flipping through the television stations, you will see both dramas that resonate with you and ones that do not.  Some television shows are boring and some are very exciting, while some educate and still others will make you cry. As a viewer you flip through channels to find the ones that resonate with you.  It is important to understand that the separate channels are meant to attract different viewers.  That is the reason there are so many of them. We hope you always choose a channel that empowers you the viewer.  Now put yourself on the other side of the remote control and understand that you are the actor playing out the part; you have the choice of changing that script in any moment.  You have the opportunity of viewing that drama from a different perspective if you so choose.

The empowered humans that now inhabit planet Earth will watch different channels than humans of earlier times.  Humanity is evolving at an astounding rate at this very moment.  It is now possible to walk in full power through daily life.  With that power comes a huge amount of responsibility.  The reason most humans still do not walk in their full power is that they resist taking the responsibility needed to balance that power. Take the responsibility and you will have the power.  Responsibility is the balance to power, so grasp the responsibility in whatever area that you wish to change and it will be so.  Even if it is only a concept, even if it is only the responsibility of acknowledging that you are an actor on a stage accepting that you have control over your life. 

Attachment to Drama

Now let us address the negative aspects of drama.  What about the person who says, “I do not want to have any drama in my life at all”?  They run the opposite way and do everything to avoid drama in their lives.  Imagine if you were watching a channel where the leading man comes home to find that his wife has left him suddenly.  If you see his tears, anger and hurt, it is a real human experience and an interesting drama; you can relate to him and feel his pain.  If he turns to the camera and says:

“I don’t mind, something better must be coming my way.”

B-O-R-I-N-G.  In that instant your clicker has just changed the channel.  Trust us when we tell you that you are working with a script that easily plays out through drama.  You will have your ups and downs.  Most strive to have only ups with out any downs.  The idea here is to love both your ups and your downs as a beautiful human experience of the soul.  That is the script of the drama you have written. Those are the human experiences that you have asked to play.  Do not consider yourself negative when you go into drama.  Simply release yourself from the attachment to the drama, because that is where the problem comes in.  That is where the difficulty sets into your life.  You are spirits pretending to be humans on a stage, and as such you will always play out dramas.  That is your nature.  The challenge comes when you become attached to the drama, when you become attached to the script, and when you become attached to the role you think you are playing. This attachment effectively stops the changes that are needed in your life.  Attachment places you in an endless loop of the same drama playing over and over again.  Releasing attachment to an outcome will release attachment to drama in your life.  That is where the freedom of change comes in and that is how you step into your full empowerment, when you have the ability to change every aspect of yourself and even your own script without attachment.

Deadly Inertia

Humans are creatures of habit.  If you take an action and consider it a success then you will repeat it to recreate that success.  It is a normal human condition.  When you repeat that action again and again, most of the time the success you expect is removed for the element of change is gone.  Yet you continue in the same pattern because it is familiar and the fear of the unknown is much stronger than unsuccessful repetition.  That familiar action creates inertia.  Inertia is the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest, or of a body in a straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.  You often see inertia as a steady force helping you to stay on a course you have chosen.  We now tell you that the force of inertia in your life drama has killed more humans than you could possibly imagine.  It has stifled the forward movement in the life drama of many souls.  The slow death of living a life of inertia has killed many humans. 

Having the courage to change inertia is a huge step in empowerment and very scary for most.  Scripting your own play can be accomplished by being willing to step out of inertia.  Of course your humanness wants to say, “Which way is the best way?  Which way is the fastest path?  Which way is the best possible script?”  We tell you, there are no wrong turns.  That is difficult for humans to understand.  Because even if you take the long way around to reach your destination it will be because you will learn something that you would have missed if your path had been direct.  All change leads to something better, so the experience of the soul may even favor the person who had to go through all these difficult situations. 

Cranberry Sauce

We ask you, what do you want in your life?  What are you willing to accept? Are you willing to create the path just before your feet hit the ground? What is that going to take?  That is going to take your willingness, asking yourself what you can do to step out of the play—to step behind the remote control and press the pause button while you evaluate all the parts of your own drama.  We have spoken of drama before.  There was a time we likened drama to the great smorgasbord of Earth. When humans go through the buffet line, they take a little bit of passion and a portion of love, and they love love, so they put huge helpings of love on their plate.  Then they put a little bit of fear on their plate, too, because without fear you could not really taste the love, so you go through the whole thing and finally you come to the cranberry sauce.  The cranberry sauce is what we liken to drama because it is wonderful and adds flavor to everything, but if you put too much on, it takes over your whole plate.  Many of you have asked how to increase your longevity so that you can live forever.  We hope you do not do that.  We hope that by the time you hand in that body it is well used, bruised, and you have big smiles on your face as a result of the wonderful use you have received from that body.  That body is to be enjoyed, not prolonged.  Enjoy the spices of life.  Enjoy the dramas.  Let yourself look at your own dramas objectively and then you can release the attachment to them.  Then you can say, “This is simply a drama that is playing out.  Is it not fun?  Maybe I am not enjoying this drama any more so I will change the drama.”  Allow yourself to play. 

Setting Your Tone

We offer you one other suggestion.  You set a vibrational tone which begins the drama of your life. That is your vibration.  Your vibration is simply a tone.  It is not right and it is not wrong. It is not better than another one.  It is not higher or lower, it is simply your tone.  It is your unique harmonic vibration of God. It is your own individual piece that gives you an energy that can be seen throughout all that is.  We ask you to learn that tone and use it freely and often.  This tone is what lines up the universal energy to naturally attract like vibrations into your life.   As you grow you will add to that tone by taking harmonies from those around you.  That may be a course, a book, or simply a person you admire that you wish to emulate.  These elements can add harmonic overtones to your own tone.  What you can do is to add harmonies to your tone to evolve and sharpen your own vibration.  As your tone evolves, so does your drama of life.  Allow yourself to adapt energy from others to transform your own.  Allow yourselves to look through all of the channels on the television before you choose the pieces that you wish to incorporate into your drama.  Pick up those pieces that you love, that add to your vibration, and that strengthen your empowerment.  Add those tones to yours and call them your own. 

Everyone learns the first steps to their own dance from someone else.  Everyone learns how to take this foot and put it here and put it here, then put it here.  Soon they feel the music and they will choose to add their own movements and before long they are teaching their own unique dance.  It is your natural adaptation of energy, your adaptation of light and vibration that will create your dramas. Find those things that add to you, bring them to you and call them your own. 

Dear ones, we come to honor you.  We come to sit at your feet.  We come to hold the mirror in front of your face many times so that you will re-member who you really are.  We hope you understand that you are the chosen ones.  You are the part of us that has chosen to place this veil on your face so that you could see God. 

You have abilities that even we in heaven do not have.  You can touch each other.  You can see God from afar.  You can see things, you can play dramas, you can enjoy life, and you can even have tears.  Dear ones, you are the expression of divinity in human form and we hope you have a wonderful human experience.  We hope you play the drama to its fullest and when you are done, you will hand in your script and say, “I did it well. I had a wonderful human experience.” 

Dear ones, it has been such a joy to be with you.  These times together are very unique for us, because they allow us to come through and share with you.  The Keeper is getting very good at allowing us to come through and blend with his personality, for we have been working with him for 12.5 years in this lifetime and 12 lifetimes before.  Each and every one of you has the same connection.  Learn to trust it.  Learn to bring it through. You have a special vibration of this life that is yours, entrusted to you—given to you from the very beginning of your incarnation here.  Find a way to amplify that.  Find a way to bring that out and harmonize with it.  Find a way to let that shine through your smile and your eyes and you will see God in everyone you encounter.

We leave you with three simple reminders: treat each other with the greatest of respect for you are looking in the eyes of God.  Nurture one another at every opportunity for when you empower each other, you raise the vibration of all. Re-member it is a beautiful Game and play well together.


The group

Excerpt from As You Like It

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages…

Connecting the Heart

Finding Inner Joy Again

By Barbara Rother

As I am writing this I am sitting in our beautiful hotel room on the top floor of the Marmara hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.  I feel a sense of peace as the sun sets with a golden light that glitters over the entire city. The song of ancient prayers is being sung throughout the city through loud speakers. Cigdem, our host says that whenever she hears these prayers sung she takes a moment to be in peace.  This is a wonderful thought but they are sung loudly five times a day and at 5:00 am it is hard to appreciate them when you are trying to sleep!  As day turns to night the view of Istanbul shines illuminating the magnificent historic sites before me.  The Bosphorus Sea reflects the lights of the city.  I find it fascinating that Istanbul is a city within two continents.  Just crossing a bridge connects Europe to Asia.  I had forgotten how dear to my heart Turkey is.  It has been three years since we have been here.  It feels so wonderful to connect with our spiritual family here again. 

This trip has helped me reconnect with myself and to again find my inner joy.  At the last VirtualLight broadcast my meditation was about enjoying every moment.  I talked about feeling anxious with my busy life.  I expressed a desire to let go of that feeling and regain my joyful feeling of adventure.  Sometimes it feels as if I am in a whirlwind of activities but I know that I am truly blessed to be living the life I have.  Traveling, connecting to spiritual family is so delightful but it is important to balance the home life.   Instead of enjoying every moment of life I was always thinking of what was next on my schedule.  I knew that I had to take time to breathe and remember that every minute of life adds up to the life that I create.  My meditation planted thoughts in my mind but I wasn’t ready to take my own advice yet.

Although I was looking forward to coming to Turkey and then on to Holland, I had to mentally prepare for being gone from home for three weeks.  It is like leaving one reality or dimension and shifting into another.  I just could not seem to shake my mood.   I was feeling tired and depleted.  I seemed to have lost my zest for life and for traveling.  This worried me and Steve expressed concern about me too. 

It is interesting how we set up our lessons in life.  As I went through the motions of packing and the last minute details for this trip I just couldn’t snap out of this feeling of not wanting to leave home.  So I take responsibility of creating the worst trip we have ever experienced in all our years of traveling!  When you travel for a living small extra comforts make a big difference.  We usually fly business class but in this case we were stuck in economy seating.  We have more to give to people at our seminars when we have taken good care of ourselves.  So we traveled economy for the whole trip.  To make matters worse we had a temper tantrum two year old screaming the whole way sitting right next to me. I missed the luxury and space of business class.  I am sure this flight would have been tolerable if my attitude had been in a better state but I was determined to be miserable.  As we landed in Frankfurt, Germany it only got worse.  Daylight savings time had occurred a week before and the plane we were flying in on did not make the adjustment to the correct time.  Steve set his watch to the time they had given which was actually an hour off.  We had an eight hour lay over there.  Frankfurt is a wonderful airport with many shops and restaurants.  Little did we know as we were enjoying a meal of Schnitzel and Sauerkraut we missed our connecting flight to Turkey only to find out that due to the busy Easter weekend we were not able to catch another flight till noon the next day.  We walked all over the airport trying to arrange this flight then took a shuttle bus to finally sleep away our jet lag exhaustion.  It was a new day when we flew to Istanbul.  We were full of anticipation and new hope only until we discovered that our luggage was no where to be found.  By this time we had been traveling in the same clothes for three days.  That means we did not have a change of clothes or most importantly my hair curlers and make-up! 

We finally located our luggage which I took as a good sign that things were starting to go our way.  Once Cigdem, our Turkish host, met us with her beautiful smile and warm welcome I decided then to adjust my terrible attitude.  When I consciously did this my reality began to shift to positive.  We arrived at the most beautiful hotel in the heart of old Istanbul that was to be our home for two weeks.  We have made friends with the staff here even “adopting” a daughter who works in the hotels restaurant. We presented a one day event, did a couple of magazine interviews and are finishing up our four day Inverse Wave seminar tomorrow.  We also have been able to enjoy the city.Barbara Rother  Steve and I loved visiting the Grand Bazaar where webought a Turkish rug and sampled all the delightful spices and treats of the Egyptian Bazaar.  We experienced a delicious dinner while watching belly dancers and local custom folk dancers.  One of the evenings I treasure the most was attending the Sufi music concert andwatching the Whirling Dervishes. 

After such a negative start this turned out to be an unbelievable magical trip.  It hasreconnected me with my excitement of living in the moment and enjoying every minute of the day wherever life takes me. I look forward to going to Holland in a few days to create more magic.  I am happy to reconnect to who I really am and my zest for life. I have learned when I feel out of balance I will question my approach to life.

Love and Light,


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