Advance Registration and Deposit Policy for
Paths to Empowerment Seminars

Advanced registration for events is necessary for a number of reasons. Even though some events to do not require advanced registration, it will ensure your space at the seminar. Also, if we do not have enough registrants to meet our minimum attendance, we will cancel an event. We appreciate your commitment by registering in advance.

Nonrefundable deposits:

In registering for a Paths to Empowerment Seminar you will see that on some events we request a non refundable deposit to ensure your space. These will always be clearly marked on the schedule page. In setting up these seminars, we must commit our resources to airlines, hotels and in the case of online seminars we commit the equipment and manpower needed all on a non refundable basis, to ensure your enjoyment of this experience. We make substantial commitments of time and money based on the commitments that you make when you register.We ask that you register because we need to know how many will be at an event and we ask you to make that commitment to us and yourself.

If you ever do need to cancel a registration the local host would appreciate hearing from you so that we do not worry about you, however in most cases we will retain the non refundable part of the registration. If at the last minute you find you can attend, the door will be open for you and we encourage you to be with us. If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances please bring that need our attention.

In the unlikely event that we cancel a seminar, all funds collected will be returned. We can not be responsible for plane tickets or other losses experienced as a result of a cancellation. We will, however, work with you in other ways if at all possible.

With your help, we are able to keep the registration of these events very reasonable.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

The Paths to Empowerment Team (Edited 10/2011)

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